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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Welcome to the Apollo devlog! We'll be posting our progress and plans here, as well as sharing insights to how we're designing this game, and overcoming our technical hurdles.

Our first post is a complete intro into who we are, what we're doing, and what the future looks like. If you like it, please share with someone else who might be interested! At this early stage, we're going to need all of the help we can get with it.


Apollo 11's computer malfunctioned during the first lunar landing. Apollo 13's O2 tank exploded. Apollo 12 was struck by lightning on ascent. Twice.

What would you have done?

We're making a co-op game where the players get to take control of NASA and make decisions about the moon missions that decide the course of history. They'll see what really happened on the Apollo missions, and for the first time, what could have happened. Then they get to sit in both the pilot's seat and mission command to live through those missions, and all the disastrous and historic highlights of the Apollo space program.

Who We Are

Hi, I'm Mats! My partner Blayke and I are game developers who worked on interactive experiences for museums and universities, using everything from mobile devices to VR to audio-only multiplayer to plain old PC/Mac games. We decided to get some friends together to make a project that really mattered to us, and this is it.

I met Lukas Schwarzer, an amazing 3D artist in college. He helped design our original prototype, and now he's responsible for our stunning 3D spacecraft reconstructions. We also originally worked with Kevin Robles and Leon Cybul from Berklee College of Music for our original music and audio. Recently, Carolyn Goodell joined our team to help us with social and community management, that you can follow here!

After getting noticed as finalists for Best Student Game at G4C 2020, we were extremely lucky to get the legendary Tracy Fullerton as an official advisor. Her research center, the Game Innovation Lab, produced a number of influential indie games like Cloud, flOw, Darfur is Dying, and Walden, a game. Then we got Dr. Kenneth Phillips to join on too, who is the head curator for aerospace science at the California Science Center??? How we got here I have no idea, but the mission is a go.

The Game

Apollo is a co-op game about the NASA moon missions. In it, one astronaut and up to 4 mission command players work together to make mission planning decisions that NASA really made (do we want a space program that's military-focused, science-focused, or something else?) and then execute their plans in an asymmetrical co-op mission. The astronaut plays in a reconstruction of the Apollo spacecraft, while being guided by the mission commander(s) to relive the historic highlights and disasters of the Apollo space program. Players will get to experience all of the real harrowing disasters that NASA did, and explore options that NASA considered, but did not execute.

The Future

As of November 2020, we're still working our G4C-nominated demo for our kickstarter on January 2022. Right now, it's only a short puzzle with little context. By August, we want to add mission planning and a cinematic segment to show a more complete cross-section of the game.

We are doing all of this without any external support. That means that we don't get paid and we have to finance all the expenses ourselves. For that reason, we need to know whether y'all are interested in this game to know whether it would make sense to continue development.

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